Faith Profile Thumb


8 days ago

I’ve had a lot of fun living here the staff and maintenance people are awesome! The issues I’ve had are relating to other residents being inconsiderate of those around them but other than that it’s been good!

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9 days ago

Satisfied with my experience. My roommates are great and so is the rent. Staff is also very welcoming and friendly. My rent was 600 and I couldn't be happier.

Mikhaila Profile Thumb


11 days ago

Staff is always very helpful, and I loved my place! The pool is by far the best part 😊I also like the fact that I had a bathroom right in my room, made things very easy on lazy half-sleep nights. I wish they would have had room for me to stay!

Jacob Profile Thumb


12 days ago

Best place to live ever the staff here goes above and beyond to host events and help out all the residents that live here the entire space is awesome great pool and stuff

Victoria Profile Thumb


12 days ago

Though I am already moved out, I had a great time at The Outpost. So grateful for all the opportunities they opened up to me. Staff is ALWAYS amazing and helpful, great starter apartment for someone who doesn't have roommates to move out with, the community here will lovingly take you in.

Cassandra Profile Thumb


14 days ago

it is a pretty cool place for the price. I wish they were a bit more organized but for student living they're alright.10/10 group activities plus a drag show! The staff makes you feel welcome

Kellen Profile Thumb


16 days ago

It is a great experience living here at The Outpost! The staff is really friendly and fun! There are loads of events where they include everyone in! I really like living at The Outpost.

Elizabeth Profile Thumb


26 days ago

I love the outpost! The management really cares for thhe tenants, work orders are finished super fast, and the units are clean and relatively modern and refurbished.

Liz, we love yooooou! But also, this review is incredible and we are so so so grateful to hear you have had such an enjoyable experience in your home here with us. We look forward to having you with us for the year more!! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review!

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